-Narrowboat Betty in August's Waterways Magazines

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Cover of Canal Boat magazine, August 2106 Cover of Waterways World magazine, August 2106

NB Betty receives some press coverage in August's waterways magazines.

She has a brief review in Canal Boat magazine:

Surely the most eye‐catching boat at the show.

The shell is by Mel Davis and looks fantastic, with fine shapes and smooth finishes.

The 5–paragraph article is on page 42.

There is more coverage in Waterways World with a 3–paragraph article on page 24:

… a very distinctive and traditional craft.

Pictures of NB Betty under construction are in the gallery.

A full test and review of NB Betty is promised for the September edition of Canal Boat, which will be in the shops in — you guessed it — early August!

Waterways World are hoping to cover her in more detail in a future issue.